Places to drink in Crouch End


Any recommendations? Craft beer wankery preferred.


I’d ask Mattew Curtis (I see you’re Twitter mates?) as he lives around there.


there’s nowt amazing. the faltering fullback is closer to finsbo but is grand.


I do have a bit of a love for Earl Haig Hall round the back of The Queens (which is also nice),-0.1225486,17.83z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x48761bc7ea941f33:0xc45a24ca17ab341c!2sCrouch+End,+London+N8+8DT!3b1!8m2!3d51.5797465!4d-0.1236767!3m4!1s0x0:0x1805d0cff89127d!8m2!3d51.5806857!4d-0.1217093

It’s an old British Legion place and they’ve always been really good with kids and tend to have ales on.


My mate who lives in Crouch End slags off the pub there so we always meet in The Faltering Fullback…

EDIT: as Eric^ suggests…


When were you last at the Fullback? I mean it’s an amazing beer garden but the staff are generally rude as fuck and the ale choice has always been pretty limited in my experience.


Sounds amazing tbf


at some point this summer. tend to find they have a decent selection and have found the service to be charmingly old fashioned but not surly.


Not been round there in ages, but Earl Haig is an Antic place and usually has some nice stuff on.
I see they have a Bottle Apostle there now…

The Three Compasses in Hornsey is good (more real aley though) and I really want to see what Fullers have done with the Great Northern Railway Tavern.


Key question - do you want reasonable odds of seeing Gem Archer from Oasis?

If so, head to The King’s Arms. If not, go somewhere else.


Trying to stalk Taylor are ya?


Surely he’s all about seeing Taylor Swift?




Disappointing if true.


monkey nuts


I’m here for work! Enjoying some grub in Banners. Will probably look for a pint afterwards.

Any Taylor Swift sightings will be entirely coincidental and a pure bonus.


I’d go to Earl Haig Hall. It’s old manny. I was there last night and had a nice golden ale from new river brewery.

Failing that, if you have to get the train from Hornsey, walk down to the new Railway Tavern

They have good stuff on tap and nice cans/bottles.


Think I’m going try this place before getting a train back, ta!


i had some great times in there when my mate lived in a room upstairs

they did a super roast featuring all three meats, extra yorkshire pudding and extra roast potatoes for almost £20, was a beast

and the staff were sound, especially as it must’ve been obvious we were going quite hard on the spliffs upstairs between pints downstairs

oh to be young again…


W7 bus will take you to Finsbury Park, where you have to change and get the 236 that’ll get you south of the river safely.