Places we pronounce incorrectly


I’ve alwayd said MON-a-co, with the stress on the first syllable, but a mate of mine’s just been over there working and has come back saying mon-AR-co. Obviously i laughed at him heartily and called him a tory prick, but alas it seems he’s right.



You’re not honestly going to go around pronouncing it monarco though, are you?


Well no, just like you wouldn’t say facsimile properly. Looking like a slight numpty’s preferable to looking like a sales rep, innit.


Most French places. Guingcamp - gwingcamp


Arkansas - how it’s spelled


If you mean “places which the UK pronounces differently to locals” you’re talking about 95% of the world outside of the M25 surely?

Fairly common of most languages too I think. I wouldn’t worry too much about it


Gan-gom, apparently.




Which I think is pronounced like “toaster”??!


Some English people pronounce chorizo not like Chore-its-oh and they’re awful


Some people here say AmsterDAM and not AMSterdam. But there are so many foreigners here I’ve no idea which is the right way.


My sister pronounced Worcester as War-chester the other day which I found hilarious


Obviously also leychester (leicester)




It makes me angry because it’s my favourite town, you know?




Darwen (at least according to me nan)





(lots of people are saying Chilly)


Belvoir castle

Pronounced Beaver.


I pronounce everything so badly in every language I try but embarrassing ones were Bicester (it really looks like it’d be bichester), welwyn garden city (probably spelled it wrong too) and Southwark, probably more. Westerners pronounce gangnam really badly (district of Seoul), it’s more of a k sound apparently, same with loads of Arab countries like qatar and kingdom of saudi arabia