Places we pronounce incorrectly

The gyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is silent

Never come across any British person who doesn’t pronounce it like that. Surely it’s the anglicised version?

Who in the UK calls it Chill-ay?


I say Salford rather than Solford

Apparently most of us are fine with it

Southwell (although it does depends if you live there or if you are a racing commentator)


You English folk and your Los Angeleeeees.

not into this at all

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used to live near heyrod, which the locals thought it was HILARIOUS if you pronounced it hey rod, its more like herod. fucking stalybridge hillbillies

How’s it supposed to be pronounced? :grimacing:

English speaking local - Lahs Anjel-uz
Spanish speaking local - Los An-hel-ess (mas o menos)

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I say Chile like cheel-eh when I’m speaking Spanish and chilly when I’m speaking English.


Sowerby Bridge (Sorbie Bridge)
Keighly (Keith-ly)
Penistone (Pennis-tun)

I always thought this was more ‘So-a-bee’…?

Todmorden (Tod-meh-den)

My-them-roid (‘th’ pronounced as in ‘the’)

Lovely little town

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I live in Todmorden. I’ve stopped correcting people who say Tod-more-den. Usually Manchester dwelling southern types.


This also bugs me. Yes it’s sol-ford, but how would you say salt?

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and usually these people are saying Tod-more-den back to me, just after I’ve said Tod-muh-dun. The cheek!

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