Places where it's all kicking off: Donington, Lincolnshire


Malcolm Mills, landlord of the nearby Black Bull Inn, said: "It is total devastation on the front. The window is out - there is a great big concrete beam that ran across the whole of the frontage lying on the floor.

"I was woken by a huge bang - so stuck my head out the window. I tried to take photos but they were rubbish as I was shaking at the time.

“I was also quite naked, so it was a bit cool.”


My local co-op got ram-raided a fortnight ago. Had a lovely chat with a policeman sat on my stairs in my boxers about it. Seemed a nice chap. Wasn’t me.


Love that they’ve used “Quite naked” as a subheading in the article.


What was the policeman doing in your boxers on your stairs?


He was taking down my particulars


Classic set-up / volley there