Places where they do their tap water in a big Jug thing with lemon and cucumber and mint in it

  • Ooh how fancy it’s like a free pimms
  • Fuck off I want some water you twats

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I would like lemon and maybe mint in there, I do not want cucumber in there.

If anyone ever did any of these things without ice I think they’d probably be really weird

Always in those shit things with the tap at the bottom and you have to tip it to get the last bits out

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This is quite a common thing in cafes, I’ve found

Cucumber is the strongest tasting, vilest thing on the fruit & veg market imho.

Everyone else says that cucumber tastes of nothing and I just don’t understand that

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I like cucumber but I do not want it in my tap water, and it clearly has a taste you are right

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I think cafes are probably one of the least personally frequented places that I regularly encounter

Wouldn’t catch this sort of behaviour at your beloved pret

Fuckin’ right you wouldn’t

It’s good with gin.


Really really into it tbh. Stick whatever you want in it I’ll lap it up. Cucumber, mint, strawberries, egg


It is good with certain gins, I didn’t mention gin

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Any other things that are increasingly common you’d like to set up polls for, please use this thread

it has a taste, aye. but the strongest tasting vegetable? get a grip mate.


ever thought about sticking a slice of lemon in your bidon?

I haven’t.

Ever thought about sticking a slice of lemon in your bottom?


I haven’t

Please create a seperate thread for cucumber chat that I can mute. This thread is for opinions on places that put loads of stuff in their tap water (and don’t give the option for plain to water, if it was one Jug with nonsense in and another plain, this would be fine)


  • lemon
  • lime

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