Places you find oddly calming


Disregarding your spas and yoga retreats, what places do you find oddly calming? For me, it’s bookies in a basement. The street-level ones are always a bit frantic, but ones downstairs seem very secluded and quite peaceful. Also, I quite like downstairs (there’s a theme emerging) of Robert Dyas. Can happily spend a lunchtime looking at kitchen appliances and go back to work in an infinitely better mood. I especially like those 10 minute long infomercials with the boundlessly upbeat commentary.


rooftops, but I don’t think that counts as ‘oddly’.







basically hide in my gym room to feel a sense of peace, despite it being there for workouts. get really zen calm working out at home but HATE public gyms conversely (or at least become immensely stressed by them)







Is that @saps


get away from my windows


Really? I always find jostling for the limited amount of tills quite stressful, plus the rush to bag everything in 10 seconds


A central London pub between 3-4pm. After the lunch time and before the after work crowd. So calming to be somewhere that’s usually crowded and full of tossers.


Workplaces when everyone else has gone home


This is more one for @thewarn but you know how I think that @Antpocalypsenow looks like Glenn… well @xylop looks like Eph (with some more knowledge of what x ylo looks like). Just working our way through the last series… please end!


ho iz eph?


He’s a Dr who is a recovering alcoholic and the bane of the strigoi.


Any place where there’s something you’re supposed to pay attention to which isn’t holding your attention at all. It’s where I get my best thinking done. Like meetings at work, most gigs, some films, conversations with most people, that sort of thing.


The petfood aisles of supermarkets are normally quite quiet.


Yep - i can see that.

Just noticed final season is finally on now. Cant wait to see how terrible it is! Still so angry the kid had a tantrum and effectively nuked new york.