Places you find oddly calming

Literally nowhere.

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I do this. There’s usually a referee’s asessor somewhere near but normally alone. Happy enough if there’s a couple of old lads talking about their tea, but anyone getting too involved in the game can fuck right off.

If ever it’s a ground with no stand at one end i’ll stand behind that goal.

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Really weirdly inside a power rack (but not the rest of a gym)

I don’t find the tills calming, more the walking around before. No idea why though. Not sure if it’s the air conditioning or selection of produce.

Hate going around Aldi. Miserable place

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I tend to do it at Hendon matches too, if I can. Just gives me a better / less annoying / more balanced perspective of the game.

Perhaps not so much ‘oddly’ but I always find swimming pools relaxing, especially the big indoor pools where all the screams, shouts and splashes shoot up in the air and reverberate off the walls and decays into resonant harmonies.


Also, old empty parish churches. The type made of stone and surrounded by graveyards - but who always leave the door on the latch for people to wander around or go in and sit quietly for a bit.

Manage to find a rare sense of inner calm when I’m sat silently in one of them.


Stanton’s or any shop full of maps/globes/travel books.

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Motorway Service stations.

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Old Irish pubs during the daytime, just after they’ve opened preferably. Fucking love just sitting down and reading the paper, listening to the barperson wash glasses, stock the fridges and chat to the regulars. Very calming.

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Just Whyteleafe games in general.

My route to Whyteleafe games is a walk through open countryside and parkland, a pop in to the Radius Arms which is a small micropub and then the game.

Should stop going to Palace games really.

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Assuming im not in a rush: train stations.

Which is weird, because i definitely dont feel calmed by bus stations or airports or port terminals.



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Thats clearly a museum, pillock!

I was outside a homesense on Saturday. I was going to go in but I decided to sit and wait in the car instead.

EDIT : yes it IS a cool story

Why is there steam coming out of it? I think it has travelled to a station from a museum.

churches/cathedrals etc

weirdly I find being in a pub whilst there’s daylight outside one of the most depressing things ever