Places you most dread visiting in your local area

Mine is the post office. It’s awful - long and slow queues, surly staff, kids acting up. I despise going there.

My friend wants me to pick up something that accidentally got delivered to our old address (fine) and go to the fucking post office to forward it onto her ( :sob: ) and I’m absolutely filled with dread and resentment. I’ve wasted too many entire lunch breaks in there. Hate it. HATE IT.

By comparison, my hometown post office never has a queue.

  • I also despise the post office
  • I do not

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Tonbridge Library is a hellhole too. I know libraries are meant to be brilliant but they’re functionally shite.

School gates when all the other parents are there.

My own garden when all the other parents are there.

Both unavoidable.


My doctors, pharmacy and local convenience shop are all on Broadway Market. Having to “nip” to any of those places at the weekend is abysmal. Absolutely rammed with people milling about.

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The chemist is a pain in the tits. Absolutely awful queuing system. Wait ages to even put your prescription in, then they tell you that it’ll be an awkward amount of time until it’s ready for collection that makes deciding whether to wait or come back later a difficult decision. Then more often than not they don’t have part of it in stock, so you have to go through it all again at a later date. Pain in the arse.

This isn’t me having a go at the staff before anyone starts.


So is the Post Office actually fwiw but who the hell ever needs to go to the Post Office!?

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In this day and age!

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Those Secret Santa presents don’t post themselves


Post office parcel collection place near Christmas time

Although I have no deliveries due and am home all the time now so haven’t been in a couple of years

Returning clothes that don’t fit/look good (and forwarding on items delivered to the wrong address)

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They do with! Go to - Welcome to Marc Maron Listeners to get 10% off your first order!


I’ll always pay the 72p or whatever it is now to have Royal Mail collect any parcels from me. Can’t even be certain that the post office exists any more.

I am constantly having to return ASOS parcels for my partner, I do it in a petrol station with a Hermes pick up point though. Post Offices are very 90s

The pharmacy near the GP surgery. It’s a lottery on if they’ve received the prescription directly from the GPs as planned (fault could be at either end here) and it’s always far too warm.

The Tesco Express about one minute from my flat.

Absolutely hate that place and everyone of those is so depressing. The shittest mini supermarket chain.


As well as being on Broadway Market the Costcutter has what might be the narrowest aisles of any shop I’ve ever been into. Cursed place.

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zone 1


That is my backup option if the lads in Umut don’t have Hovis Granary Thick Slice in (those pricks at Costcutter only stock Medium slice though)

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I think the problem with where I live is everywhere is fine but there aren’t really any great places.

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