Places you thought were somewhere else

I’ve been to the Cumbernauld one several times. I remember it smelling like a C&A.

I think that was one of the ones in 60s shopping centres where they constantly had problems with aircon, drains, mysterious smells, mysterious damp etc

Isn’t there like a load of luxury penthouse flats on the top floor of the shopping centre in Cumbernauld put in there by very overambitious developers back in the 60s?

I dunno, I only remember the swimming pool, the ramp near the swimming pool, the C&A, and - from later in life - the combo bus station/underpass.

I’m gonna look this up because my dad always thought it was hilarious and ridiculous, but it might be some other 60s shopping centre. He used to visit most of them at some point.

Yep. Here’s a video tour.


Jesus. Don’t know why anyone would think luxury anything is a sure bet in North Lanarkshire

This is nice. I like the Simpson’s themed room at about 10 minutes in. Love the windows. I’ve got the same thermostat as these flats!!!



Always used to think Cambodia was in Africa, somewhere near Suriname.

Sheppey got an upgrade! Barry is way posher and has been on telly and all.

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Guyana and Suriname used to wreck my head, especially as all the other South African countries used to take part in qualifying for the World Cup. Was well confused

I was surprised about 5 years ago to find out Brunei is in fact near Singapore rather than in the Gulf.

If you really want to melt your head, I have a friend whose mum is from Guyana. Her family are Caribbean Chinese Guyanese.


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