Places you would never go

I’m being dragged to that National gig with War on Drugs and Future Islands this summer
I feel like it’s going to be basically the same crowd

This is where one of those “Edinburgh is further west than Bristol” ghouls pipes up and tells you that Madrid or somewhere is further north.


I like those because now you can just name any two places and people at least think about it

Assuming “head shop” means dairy farm then yes, that’s true.

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The man will do the silly dance though at least.

I’m talking about the man from The National btw

And the specific man from The National I’m talking about is Scott Devendorf

They are very American.

Who? The person dragging you?

No, the band The National.

Oh I see. Yeah, as far as I know the band, The National, are made up of exclusively American members.

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Burning Man.
Any tough mudder event.


anywhere north of Cambridge but south of Edinburgh.

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Boycotting the North since June 2016

My mates wanted me to fly over from Ireland for the next one. FUCK OFF.

Blade Runner ain’t it?

All Saints shop


Yup. I’m a massive fan but when “Secret Cinema” came up in the group chat my brain instantly thought “DiS!”

Haha yeah. Although I think DiS is about 50/50 on the matter iirc but those who really don’t like it reeeeeally don’t like it.

I’d go anywhere me

probably Mexico