Plan my last-minute solo holiday abroad for me, cheers

So due to various boring client deadline things, work has only been able to confirm my five days off next week now. Carried em over from last year and woulda lost them if I didn’t take before end of March.

Would really rather not sit around the house and waste it. Never gone away properly on my own before but I could really do with a change of scenery/ some sun if at all possible tbh. Seville/Marrakech seem most prominent in my mind atm.

Any thoughts?

Barcelona- there’s a million thread on there, weather should be nice


You know when Raekwon says “Rae got it going on pal, call me the rap assassinator. Rhymes rugged and built like Schwarzenegger.”, do you reckon the rest of the Clan are thinking “nobody calls you that mate, you don’t get to choose your own nickname, other people pick it based on e.g. that time you pissed yourself on a night out”?

Oh, never been. Solid shout :hearts:.

Google flights is good for this sort thing, stick in your dates, departure airport and budget and it’ll show you everywhere you can fly to



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Barcelona is nice.

Turin also.

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I’d have to say central to The Way Of The Wu is elevating your fellow brother regardless of how audacious or ridiculous he gets. So even if they quietly thought that, they would have applauded Rae’s chutzpah for the higher purpose.


Seville would be a great shout for a solo trip. Lots of opportunities to just stroll about, sit in bars/cafes and watch the world go by.

I was there once before as part of a group, remember thinking “I’d quite like to just hang out around here by myself” at the time. Lovely vibe.

Went to Seville on my own, it was class. Read about 3 books and just drank those tiny cups of beer all day.


Sky Scanner has a helpful ‘Everywhere’ option for destination for spontaneous trips ordered by £££

Cheaper to fly to Slovakia than the UK, what a time to be alive



That’s extremely helpful, cheers. I’m in Dublin so slightly limited option-wise compared to London but should be grand for major cities.

Less at the lower end of the scale but a quick search from Dublin still finds cheap options for Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark…

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Okay, Seville or Barcelona?

I’d quite liked idea of Marrakech but might be a bit much for last minute/not being used to travelling alone.

Seville all the way.


I would go to Madrid and chuck in a cheeky trip down to Toledo while I’m there

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Make a poll

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Right let’s sort this

  • Barcelona
  • Seville
  • Being a hipster and opting for Marrakech
  • Staying in Dublin and getting drunk

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TBH if I was on my own with no kids or partner to worry about, I’d probably go onto Tui website and get a cheapish deal for a week to Tenerife or somewhere and sun myself silly, and swim, and go running on the beach, read, have massages, and eat and drink and generally just zone out. It sounds like heaven to me. I used to wonder what on earth people did on holidays like that, but I totally get it now.