Plan your ideal town

Go on then!

Can be lifted from a TV town or just tell me what you’d like to see - can be realistic or fantastical or a bit of both.

(Yes, I am using you for research truth be told but i also think this could be fun/interesting)

Stars Hollow. No troubadour.


I’d like the aesthetic of Stars Hollow :star2: but NO cars.

Benches all over the place. Loads of massive brutal looking sculptures. A big old victorian hothouse thing for weird plants but with a cool gig space within it. A cider specialist bar. A good old byker grove style youth club. Water fountains and public toilets. A square with lots of steps/informal seating/sensory zones where you can be away from activity but still observe it. An ice cream van that instead sells coffee and pastries and does the rounds every morning (its called Van Au Chocolat) A library with a great archive section for local history. Proper nice grocery shops with long opening hours.


Haha i almost said exactly that :sweat_smile:

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Oh and a swap shop sort of thing or a place to hire clothes.

Twin Peaks Vhs GIF

Unsure if there’s a decent cinema, but we know the diner and hotel and main music venue are all grand, full of friendly folk, amazing scenery, and a not entirely evil police force. Winner in my eyes!


Just me in charge of a load or tories…bossing them around paying them badly generally being mean to them.

That should do it.


I’d like to make out with older Lorelai pls before you boot her out. Not if she tries to talk to me first mind.


I did this at school today with my class - they had 'money" to spend on different buildings and had to plan where to put everything for an ancient Egyptian town. They basically had to learn about the proximity to rivers and importance of farming for the civilization to grow.

Love this sort of thing.

(My dream town would not be ancient Egyptian as I would like food other than onion, bread and the odd fig)


I’ll allow it, but Mayor Kirk might not.

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I’ve basically got to plan a whole town between now and tomorrow but like…for real :sweat_smile: Pretty sure my salary should be like 5 times what it is if this is my job now but then I’m just gonna tell them to recreate Gilmore Girls so maybe not.

Might just show them this thread

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Right in the middle of them, yeah?

One suggestion was to sack off palaces because they’re expensive and also not even fair in the first place. Maybe you could try not building a palace as a starting point?

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Don’t listen to this loser, I say palaces for everyone!

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Noted :pray:

Trams, trains, bike lanes everywhere, a nice environment for pedestrians. An absolute dream to get around by walking, wheeling or public transport. Lots of greenery and public art around the place, plenty of outdoor seating for cafes and etc.

Motor traffic as a necessary evil in places (banned from the centre, except for deliveries at certain hours) but as difficult as possible for anyone to use a private car.


Noticed that amazon have started using cargo delivery bikes today. Still totally evil ofc.

20,000 people.

Somewhere in the Alps but no skiing dickheads. I just want lots of mountains and lakes.

Decent airport about 45 mins away by train. And trains to a nearby city that has good cultural offerings and gigs.

Oh and needs to have loads of nice food options.

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