Planes Mistaken For Stars return


I’ve been listening to ‘Prey’ non-stop for the last week, pretty much. I am super excited to have this band back. Anyone heard it? Thoughts?


I’m just about to be one of those annoying people who exclaims surprise that a band I liked (loved) years ago are still going. Sort of gave up on them after Up In Them Guts, which I wasn’t keen on, but I’ll give this a go later!


Yeah this kind of came out of nowhere, or at least, bubbled under quietly until a few months back. I too wasn’t always totally sold on Up In Them Guts, it didn’t seem to have the same barely controlled melodic chaos that Knife In The Marathon and Fuck With Fire had, but I’ve softened on it and it has a couple of decent tracks in there. The follow up Mercy was a very good album though that has benefitted a lot from hindsight and a really impressive remaster which has totally changed the sound of the album and made it way punchier. The original release was mastered oddly quiet, which just didn’t sit well with how they play.


always liked what I heard but never delved deeper, maybe time to do so


Always sounded like a band (the name put me off… emo) I couldn’t be arsed with. Listened to the first song on the new one and quite liked it. I’ll give the whole album a listen and report back… or y’know whatever.


Yeah they started out on Deep Elm, they have that name, and the first S/T EP could be sort of considered emo (definitely the gruffer post-hardcore end of emo) but since Knife In The Marathon that sort of fell away. If you like this, definitely give Fuck With Fire a try.