Planet Earth 2

The snakes and the iguana’s!!!
Holy fuck!!!

:((((((((((((((( still haven’t recovered

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I’m not watching this. Should I be watching this?

Yes. It’s incredible!!
Plus the Komodo dragons fighting!! Wow

Ok, will watch on iplayer later.

Absolutely fantastic TV. Snakes are creepy fucks mind.

It is incredible, but probably the scariest and creepiest thing I’ve ever seen


I’m never going to the beach ever again.

bird sitting on a broken egg :frowning:


Cannot wait to watch it, first one is one of my favourite shows ever. Waiting for it on iplayer as looks better on iplayer end of

is there anywhere that lists what all the species are? can’t keep up

some of these aren’t in my bird book

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there’s an accompanying book if you’d be interested in buying that. or you can wait for someone to fill the wiki pages in.

not jazz.


would quite like to cuddle a baby penguin

ones at edinburgh and flamingo land always seemed like cheeky little bastards. reckon you’d have a good laugh with one.


was good. no real ‘holy shit, how did they film that?’ moments. but still looked great.

Absolutely amazing tv.
The iguanas v the snakes, Jesus sufferin fuck that was tense, so so good.

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The wee iguana bursting free from the snakes :heart:


Staggeringly good tv that