Planet Zoo (the game) (on STEAM)

I’ve not played this at all, and am thinking of getting this for my partner for Christmas. Does anyone know if it’s (A) any good, and (B) something that you can port from one computer to another if you have a Steam account?

Important questions all round.

@The_Respected_User @ma0sm @shrewbie and @bergkamp @Mert_Aksac I feel like you guys might be able to help me with this one? Maybe not idk. I mainly just like tagging people.

Not a clue mate, sorry

Ahh, cheers for moving it into the right board, I somehow forgot that computer games are entertainment

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No idea mate, sorry

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No idea on A I’m afraid but on B, yeah, you can move from machine to machine with the same Steam account (you can only be logged in once at any time though) and most games have a cloud saving option that allows you to continue existing saves from machine to machine.

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Thanks for your very respectworthy help

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Animals cannot attack guests, so in that respect it’s a disappointment