Planning a break in Belfast, any advice on where's good will be gratefully received

During the May Day bank hol weekend.

I’m actually out there for a wedding which will be out in Greyabbey but thinking of basing myself in the city for some if not all of the nights and seeing the city itself.

Any recommendations for good (and reasonably priced) hotels, bars, restaurants etc…

Anyone good gigs that weekend?


They (correctly) call fish and chips a fish supper, fyi.

That’s all I’ve got.

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Food wise I go cheap and cheerful

Happy dog does fantastic hot dogs but impossible to sit in

Boojum is decent burritos, would only have for lunch though

Bao bun is legit delicious 10/10

Don’t go to Maggie Mays. I got glass in my chips there.

Cathedral quarter is nice but will be rammed. The Crown is the only bar owned by the national trust but seating is limited.

If you have a car you could go to Giants Ring, which is older than the Pyramids!! Has some very nice walks around it as well


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I’ve been a few times and we normally stay in the Cathedral quarter. There are some good pubs and a gig venue near by. We usually stay in the Premier Inn which is a good one.

There is also the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival on during May.


Came here to say Bao Bun. Best bao I’ve ever had anywhere. I mean


I think you turned me on to it! Sooooo good!!!

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Did we not do this same thing a while ago for you but for Bangor?
Anyhoo most of that still applies as a lot of it was Belfast centric.
Get you mitts on this festival in May in Belfast:


Aye Jason Lytle is playing Friday night.
Hannah Peel doing a 2pm show on the Sunday.
Others to be announced still.

I’m getting deja vu.

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I’ve only been to the crown, it was good.

Titanic museum is, contrary to whatever they claim, not the number one tourist attraction in the world. Its completely fine.


These bots are becoming more convincing every day - and NI specific :grinning:

Looking forward to ‘Planning a stay in Lisburn’ thread :smile:


Yes. Empire itself is decent for night out. Laverys is the big one around that area and just down the street basically. Student area so this might affect your decision.
Belfast isnt big mate, everywhere is a short taxi ride away.
Cathedral Quarter is very good for drinks and a bit of craic.


Big fan of the fact the gift shop was selling Titanic ice cubes. Lovely.

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when you over?
lots of good restaurants up around Queens quarter too and the local indie cinema QFT too.

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Well remembered and yes - might just base myself in Belfast now and do an extra night.

Only concern is cost of getting to and from Greyabbey as likely will be taxi from city centre.

weighing up my options.

Thinking of basing myself in Belfast itself now and travelling out for the wedding.

Aye fair enough. Taxi will be pricy enough like.
Keep an eye for those gigs some great stuff that weekend!

Nice one.
You doing Twilight Sad?
Meat Puppets are on in the Empire the very next night :slight_smile:

I’m def going and I think @Icarus-Smicarus might be too.
Edit: oh you heading to The Cure the next day then?

Nice one.
Skipping Dub and doing the Glasgow one instead (weirdly worked out cheaper) and better lineup imo.
Sure if you end up going let me know or if theres any other deets you need Im sure the Belfast branch of DiS can keep you right.

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