Planning a break in Belfast, any advice on where's good will be gratefully received


Nice one.
You doing Twilight Sad?
Meat Puppets are on in the Empire the very next night :slight_smile:


That’s the one!


I’m def going and I think @Icarus-Smicarus might be too.
Edit: oh you heading to The Cure the next day then?


Yeah well Dublin is a definite, Belfast is likely but a bit up in the air at the moment.


Nice one.
Skipping Dub and doing the Glasgow one instead (weirdly worked out cheaper) and better lineup imo.
Sure if you end up going let me know or if theres any other deets you need Im sure the Belfast branch of DiS can keep you right.


Glasgow on Saturday then? (just realised you probably meant The Cure in August) Cheers, much appreciated! Can’t thank you enough.


Hen Ogledd too. Got tickets for that and Peel do far, will probably do Lytle too


Lol aye The Cure in August.
I’d love to be able to tour around with them tho :slight_smile:
No bother sure - we’re a decent bunch here.


Bought tickets for the Jason Lytle and Say Sue Me shows.
Came quite close to bringing Say Sue Me over to McHughs myself last year and like to think the info I gave them has helped get them here now.
Gonna get Hannah Peel tix cos like her stuff and 2pm Sunday afternoon gigs are the bloody best :grinning:
Reckon Shonen Knife will be announced before long too which Im up for.
Are Hen Ogledd any good (Richard Dawson too?), in my head its music for morris dancers (sorry)


thought I was going (more) mad for a moment there


Some people say NI is stuck in a timewarp…
turns out it’s just the DiS threads about it (and also our awful politics) :laughing:


I was always a big fan of Laverys when I was in Belfast as a student:

Great music, nice layout, good atmosphere (indie-centric, though this may have changed since I was last there). Friday/Saturday nights are probably the best.


Probably even better these days as its had a very nice renovation and extension. Best place round that neck of woods I reckon. Fairly Dis agreeable imo.


Right, what I’m doing now is Saturday night in Belfast then out to Bangor 2 nights (Sun and Mon), flying back Tuesday.

Anyone know of any good gigs that weekend (4th and 5th of May) in the Belfast area? ideally on the 4th.


Nothing of note yet. Hannah Peel doing a 2pm on the 5th show.
Keep following:


Cheers, any recommendations for good bars and cafes, places to eat is greatly appreciated.


In Belfast or Bangor?
Whereabouts in Belfast will be out drinking/staying?
what kind of food?

See the Bangor thread for the pubs/restaurants in Bangor


ah, do you put shows on or was that gonna be a one off?

can’t decide whether to see Lytle or Lisa O’Neill that night now. seen Lisa before but would be lovely to see her in the Sunflower. never listened to any of Lytle’s solo stuff but would be nice to hear some Grandaddy tunes. hmm.


I don’t but I said to the label they should come and after a bit of back and form in twitter dms I came close to doing it myself, through complete lack of knowhow etc damnably were keen on it. I gave them all the details and put them in direction of some experienced local promoters and recommended mchughs as it’s free to book. Looks like it has helped in some way.
I’d be tempted to put on shows if I knew someone with a bit of experience doing it. I know for a fact A hawk and a hacksaw wanted to play Belfast on the last go around but no one would put them on on a Monday night, Belfast promoters had told damnably say sue me were not viable as they were a new band - I’d like to step in in cases like these.
Lytles solo stuff 8s similar even fambly cat was really a solo record. Easy choice for me but if you’re not sure I’d say which are you likely to see in Belfast a lot? Def Lisa isn’t it so maybe see Jason as he’s not been before and may never be again.


that’s a shame, i wouldn’t mind seeing AH&AH again. and yeah true, though i quite like Grandaddy without being a huge fan or anything so i’ll give it a think.

i’ve got a friend in England who puts on loads of shows and always encourages me to do it myself when i’m moaning about bands not playing here. i would have easy access to advice and tips from her but it often seems like a lot of stress and hassle. cba really, especially doing it regularly, but maybe someday when i’m desperate to get someone here.