Planning a Stay in Bangor (Northern Ireland) and could do with help/advice from anyone who knows the area please

I’m out there in May so have time yet but as it’s for a short stay and I’m there for a wedding I do want to be sure I’m organised.

Current plan is to stay in Bangor as it looks to me to be not too hard to get to and from either of the Belfast Airports?

Wedding itself is in Greyabbey about 12 miles away so guess I could bus it there (if there is a bus going there which doesn’t take an age?) and book a taxi back after all the celebrations?

I don’t know the area at all so any advice welcome, cheers.

Not another what to do in Bangor thread!

(sorry never been)

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i barely knew er

(just posted that to annoy ccb. sorry pal)


Bangor? I’m sorry, I have very little knowledge of the place

Serves me right for being a smartarse when Japes was typing


Just Bangor Rotten?

It’s okay, appreciate the feedback.

Make sure to have lunch on the way.

I’ve heard it’s very economic.

alright, the crowd at a sunn o))) gig

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A stay?

I used to stay at a hotel in Holywood when I was working in Belfast, and I would run the coastal route down to bangor after work, and pop into a wee pub on the front (was it called nelsons?) for a nip of jamiesons and then run back. Also my old pal from uni, Pat, lives there and she has a cool dog called Fergus (he actually went missing this week but came home safely yesterday.)
I have such happy memories of that place despite only having very fleeting visits on any occasion. Would like to go back, and will watch thread with interest.

I hope to be running whilst I’m out there too so any recommendations in that regard too are a help cheers.Guess along the coast is the best route?

I would run along the coastal path which gets very narrow, so I’d occasionally have to clamber off it and onto the proper road. It was a very refreshing route! I don’t know greyabbey at all though and can’t picture its position relative to bangor. Certainly the area around holywood has lots of lovely running routes (and you can run past van morrison’s house should that tickle your fancy).

And sorry you’re not getting many serious responses on this thread.

YOU GUYS, behave!! :rofl:

Long commute that.


City airport would be more convenient I’d think, the train there goes to Bangor. If you get into aldergrove, then you’ve got to get that bus into town and then train/bus from town to Bangor.

There’s very little to do in Bangor, it’s a wee seaside harbour town but if you like walks, there’s a long coastal walk you can do. I used to walk the stretch up towards Belfast a lot, some really nice parts. You can also go the other way quite some distance I think, but I’ve never really gone that way. You can keep an eye out for the seals (and Gary Lightbody lol).

There are a few pubs there. I used to go to the ROCK night in wolsey’s when I was underaged, cracking but they stopped doing that years ago. I’ve been in the rabbit rooms once and it was fine, owned by the same people that own some of the trendy bars in Belfast I think. There are a few old man pubs which are nice and the Dirty Duck which is a bit further away.

I’ve no idea about getting the bus to greyabbey, never had to do it, it’ll be worth checking Ulsterbus’ website. Near there is Mount Stewart, the aquarium and the ferry across strangford but you’d need to hire a car for all that.


Big fan of Penrhyn Castle and the Menai suspension bridge

Funnily enough, I used to run past gary lightbody so regularly on that route we would say hi. He also worked out in my hotel gym.

good little record shop on the main street called Bending Sound, worth calling into.

other than that there’s um…an Asda…and a Greggs…

it’s by the sea which should be quite nice but there’s not really much there.

quite a short journey to Belfast though.

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The Goats Toe is a decent pub and the Hop House is meant to be good

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I think he owns a flat in the old abandoned/refurbished hospital down there next to Van Morrison or something.