Planning a Stay in Bangor (Northern Ireland) and could do with help/advice from anyone who knows the area please

Yeah I’ve also been sat next to him on the flight from Glasgow more than once before. He was basically my stalker for two years.

Didn’t know @foppyish and @anon32406580 were from here :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Doesn’t Bangor have the Picke park?

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I stood next to him at a Frightened Rabbit gig once which was weird as people used to say I looked like him all the time back then. He’s a lot taller than me though I can confirm.

I also own two of his old CDs from when he donated them all to Good Vibrations in Belfast a couple of years ago (Clinic - Walking With Thee and The Avalanches - Since I Left You, if you were wondering)

Booking a taxi in rural Ireland could fuck you over, they’ve been utterly useless for me in the past

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Not true. I took my bike on the Strangford ferry.

Went on it on foot on a school trip 20 years ago

soz, didn’t mean specifically the ferry

Jenny Watts is a really nice pub to get food :grin:

you didn’t stay in the culloden did you?

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fopps is a native, don’t think UP is though

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pickie is a bit pants though, might be okay if you want to entertain/shut kids up for a while though on the swans, train and playground

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Cultra is reet nice on a sunny day. bit less so in January.

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I’ve never been in there, donegan’s is name one of the old man pubs I was looking for.

A little off topic but has anyone that’s been to Strangford been to a pub called The Hole in the Wall?

@foppyish @harru @Icarus-Smicarus

Although Castle Park has a walled garden which I’ve heard is nice, although I haven’t been in it myself.

Have only ever been to Strangford in primary school I’m afraid!

nope, why?

I did however get pizza from a place there once just before we got the ferry, it was a wee teenager serving. I asked for peppers, she didn’t think that they had any, so I asked if I could have those instead please while pointing (at the peppers).

Ahh it’s not that impressive really, just a really nice pub there’s probably quite a lot like it over there :sweat_smile: But I’d buy the place if I could, no food served except nuts and scampi fries, no draught ciders, about 5 things served on draught, never seen anything like it where I’m from

@foppyish @Icarus-Smicarus


This sounds like the majority of pubs here tbh!

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