Planning a trip soon?

This is the thirteenth in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

Planning a trip soon?
  • Yes
  • Sort of, but not quite at the planning stage yet
  • Thinking about it
  • No

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So, are you planning a trip soon? Where to? Is it for business or pleasure? What do you like most about travelling? What’s your favourite way to travel?

I plan to cycle back home after work


I’ve deliberately left my shoelaces untied, yes.


Going to the Yorkshire Dales on Thursday for a long weekend, thanks for asking


I’m planning on getting a plane to Gatwick tomorrow, then treating myself to a train to Croydon, and then the excitement will probably get the better of me and I’ll head back home.

I’m going away for a mates birthday for a few nights on Thursday

I’d love to be planning a trip soon but current circumstances [spoiler]good circumstances/spoiler] mean it’s not something in my foreseeable. Hoping to plan some trips for later in the year though!

I am planning a trip to Morrisons after work though! Or might even treat myself to Sainsbury’s!

Going to Dubai next Tuesday :grimacing:

Ive got a Eurostar voucher I need to use soon

I’m thinking of paying the DIY thread a little visit

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If your definition of soon stretches to august then yea, lots

Too many actually.

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Going to San remo then Genoa then Milan then Paris then London on trains in July

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I’m planning a trip to Bath for a funeral and a trip to London in June with my mum cause she’s got Wimbledon tickets. What of it?

What’s that, an opportunity to plug the two remaining spaces on the upcoming DiS Getaway to the Pembrokeshire coast 20-23 May? Don’t mind if I do!

(DM for details)


Off to Barcelona tomorrow

You should do some more soon and less in August imho

Have been planning one for weeks, moved to the booking stage today, although further planning is required.


100% pleasure

It can be so glamorous

Sleeper train

Tempted to correct you to “fewer” but I’ll resist. I hate those “fewer” people

That’s hoogy style

God this is far too much. What am I doing. Im seriously panicking now.