Planning a wedding advice

In terms of keeping costs down, timing is important too - so later in the day you would probably get away with only feeding people once (or even not at all, bar nibbles) - anywhere close to lunchtime and you’re going to have to factor in a lunch and food later on.

your photos are always amazing, you’ll do a brilliant job

just don’t forgot to enjoy yourself on the actual day cos it will go really fast!

Main tip: when getting people to pose for photos, don’t say “say Cheese” but instead say, “Can I get a yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:


If any of the other attendees has a good camera and/or an interest in photography you could recruit them to help out with general photos of the day to take some of the pressure off you - that’s what my aunt did at her wedding

I would really hire a photographer if it can be afforded. A good one will cover the whole day not just the ceremony etc, and nobody actually involved in any way with the proceedings can possibly do that job. Plus professional photographers are better than the best amateurs.

If you can ,get a relative to make the cake. My niece made ours and it was fab.

But never lose sight of the fact that it’s supposed to be fun for everyone and if any part of the planning starts looking like a chore that’s a sign of something that needs binning

Congratulations and I’m a massive fan of what you did there as ours was v similar apart from party at a bar afterward rather than the pub. Minimum spend arrangement with them probably cut traditional wedding costs in half.

Spent the money on a honeymoon instead, wheeey.