Planning vs Going with the flow


Are you much of a planner? Are your holidays mapped out on an hourly schedule to maximise fun and ROI? Or do you just let yourself be tossed on a sea of random chance and take your pleasures where you find them?


I got a first in my Planning degree and work in the field, so yes



used to work in planning


(university financial planning though, not guntrip style)




used to own a planner, at school


I plan things so that I know what I’m doing


What do you work in now?


since i have planned less my anxiety levels have massively dropped

a planner by nature, a go-with-it by choice

  1. Put suitcase inside the door of the hotel room.
  2. Go to nearest pub or bar.


Remember going to Euro Disney in 92, bought a guide book in advance, planned out every hour of every day, don’t think we stuck to it but I enjoyed the planning as much as the holiday, now I’ve accepted defeat in the face of entropy


big career move from planning into administration.


Many congratulations!


I have an email folder called Administration in it.


Mine is more succinct



this sentence needs additional work. Bad planning, ma0sm.


My friend that I’ve been on holiday with a few friends is an extremely annoying go with the flow type. Went to Berlin last year. Turned up with one small backpack and no hotel bookings. Proceeded to complain when hotels on the day were expensive. Did it again in Amsterdam last month (on Pride / Dekmentel weekend aka very very busy). Ended up sleeping in a 12 bed hostel dorm. No idea why he does this, I’m not one to have the week planned out but holy hell, accommodation is the first thing I book.


That is hardcore.


I like to leave a little room for flexibility so plan a bit but not too much


Depends. I like to plan out travel stuff so I know what my contingencies* are, but beyond that I like to stay flexible. Mostly so I can flake out of doing things.

*toilet locations