PLANS FOR 2018 🎉

Hello friends. With 2017 rolling to an end what are your intentions for 2018, both large and small?

Not got much actually inked into the ol’ diary for next year myself, but definitely stuff I’d like to achieve.

Start my Masters - was supposed to be starting in January, but stupid continuing employment means that I’ve had to defer until the summer.

Holidays - prolly go to Scotland, Channel Islands and The Island Of White to see the various branches of the TV’s family. Aside from that, we are now constricted by the tyranny of school holidays, so thinking maybe a two centre trip to NYC/Toronto for Easter and then Malaysia for October two week half term. Will see if I can sneak a long weekend’s snowboarding in somewhere. Also have a mate who has moved out to Madrid, so would be nice to visit him.

Music - probably going to take the kids to Latitude (it will the youngest’s third birthday during the weekend which should be quite good fun). Barely got anything else lined up aside from The Cure in Hyde Park. Maybe LCD/Nick Cave at All Points East, QOTSA at Finsbury Park and Orbital at Brighton Racecourse. Might be nice to go to something with less than 20,000 people in attendance however.

AOB - play more football, do more cycling. Maybe fix the dripping tap in the bathroom.

:lipstick: EUROVISION IN LISBON (hopefully)
:soccer: WATCHING THE WORLD CUP IN MY PANTS (edit: the World Cup is being held in Russia, not in my pants. I will be wearing only pants while I watch it)

No plans
I don’t like thinking about it

Are these both your own? They’ll take some beating if so :+1:

do 300km, 400km and 600km bike rides. maybe a 1200km one.

finish decorating the flat.

not be totally shit at my new position at work.

Continue my alcohol moderation

Drop 3 stone and get in shape

Be a better husband/dad

:grinning: Find a way to be happier in my job, or change job
:house_with_garden: Buy a house (continued from 2015)
:person_climbing: Climb better and train harder
:sunny: Go to Barcelona
:orange_book: Read more


Well my plan was to sell my house, quit my job and go travelling then move back home, but 4 months in and the flat hasn’t sold. It needs to sell by end of 2017 if I want to make the things booked, so it’s all looking a bit unlikely.

So probably 2018 will be exactly the same as 2017…

  • Going to a wedding in South Africa in February so having a week’s holiday there
  • Back to Geneva in March and May for work, couple of weeks each time
  • Planning on doing the Three (Yorkshire) Peaks in summer
  • Couple more weddings

Gonna try and visit the fam a bit more as I feel like I’m missing my nieces and nephew growing up

going to try to do something with my drawings, I hope.


Legionnaires disease.



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Decorate the house
Build a shed
Do up the garden
Buy a puppy
See friends more

Continue doing up house
Spend time with kids and waf
Start new permanent job (exactly the same job)
probably/hopefully not go anywhere more than 50 miles from my house
Develop my development skillzzzzzzz

Meet the deadline on a really tough project at work.
Learn Swedish properly.
Start playing music again.
Sort out my finances.
Get a better out-of-work routine to be able to relax/switch off properly (basically stop dicking around on my phone so much)

Find a way to extend my masters to an MFA.
Lose shitloads of weight
Don’t break child


Get back on my bike
Lose 3st or so
Push for a promotion at work
Continue supporting the TV through her pregnancy
Do everything in my power to make parenthood as smooth as possible (no idea if this is even achievable tbf, just want to feel as ready as possible)


Oh and relaunch my website and find some affordable childcare so I can actually pitch for work

Want to try and do the Lisbon derby
Maybe try and get involved in the shared ownership game
Run a sub 2 hour half marathon, maybe two
Thinking about becoming one of those adults who gets really into Star Wars Lego
See Kendrick Lamar

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Hell no, can’t think of anything worse.

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