Plans for New Year's Eve (NYE)

ughghg, getting hassled for my plans from a couple different people. i don’t knooooow, maaaaaaan.

current plan?

  • House Party
  • Local pub
  • Pub/club where you have to pay to get in type thing
  • staying home, staring at the clock until 11pm and then giving up and going to bed
  • Fireworks/outdoor event type thing
  • oh god i don’t know, ask me on December 30th
  • other

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think i might get out of london as an easy get-out of having to choose one person’s party over another’s.

Might play a couple of boardgames to break up the tedium.

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I’ve picked “local pub” which is about 30 seconds away. If we don’t do that we’ll just stay in. Might walk up the hill and watch the view at midnight maybe?

can’t face house parties anymore :grimacing:

Wife-o’s put in for tickets to watch the fireworks from the terrace at the HoP but we don’t find out if we get them until the 11th of December. If not I think we might get out of London and head up to Lincolnshire (UTI) for drinks with some old school pals.

Nothing set in stone, really, really dislike NYE.

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This is pretty much what we do.

Hopefully an evening alone with some albums and a film or something.

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Stay in, cook something nice either (a) with some friends and drink cocktails and stay up or (b) with Mrs CCB and go to bed before midnight

I’m running a 10-mile race in the morning and my girlfriend is working on that day, so we’ll play it by ear.

Probably watch the fireworks on the south bank from outside the cordon, which is what we’ve done the past couple of years.

I will be going to my partner’s grandparent’s house

I put house party but I mean getting a few of us round a mate’s house for drinks and sticking the telly on for a bit at 11:55.

Just realised our friends who normally host NYE have a dog now though so it might not be happening this year. We’ve been invited to a party in that London but probably won’t bother.

  • I love NYE
  • It’s alright
  • I hate NYE

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Going clubbing on the 30th and Jan 1st instead (always go to Horsemeat Disco on NYD, bit of a tradition with a few friends) - will prob just go to a friend’s house on NYE itself.

gonna be a close one though cos i’m flying in the afternoon
probably go to the beach again
hopefully stand on the right side of the big fire this time so i’m not freezing cold

how do you feel about this, ant?

I feel fine about it. Their home is their familial hub so all of the extended members of her (large) family tend to go there on NYE for food etc. I like all of them very much and I truly loathe having to go “out” for NYE so this works very well for me.

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Pals house at 7ish - tramshed at 10ish - meersbrook park to watch all the fireworks around the city at midnight - back to the tramshed - back to my pals house - home.

nobody who lives in london likes NYE, fact.

It’s perfectly fine

I can’t be fucking bothered
Last year we were gonna go to a party but then we couldn’t be bothered
We stayed in and went to sleep about 11:30

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