Plans for the weekend thread (official)


here’s one that we can all get involved with! no in-jokes allowed. welcome new users!

tonight: probably eat a pizza, play some zelda and go to sleep at about 9, maybe check out my friends exhibition
tomorrow: probably do a bit of shopping, meeting about sunday plans, then out to a friend’s SURPRISE birthday in the evening
sunday: shooting a friend’s music video, which is really important to me

but what about YOU?!?!


Tomorrow: 10k run (hopefully), watch Utd beat Leicester (hopefully) not much else.
Sunday: Go to the cinema to see something I probably don’t want to see just because we’ve signed up for Unlimited cards and my gf is insistent that we use them weekly.


nothing solid planned.

my friend ‘might’ be coming over tonight for movie, drinks and spliffs. I say maybe, because he’s one of those guys who doesn’t give you a solid answer until the last thing. which is a bit annoying.

probably go out on the bike tomorrow - head over to Cornwall, get in the sea and do some much needed sunbathing/napping

sunday - fuck all son. might not even wake up


Friday evening/night: Get a haircut then go and see a friend’s band play.
Saturday: Write somes articles, meet some friends for tea, then I’m going to two different gigs that night.
Sunday: Brunch, read the papers, practice with a covers band then I’m going to be practicing for my gig on Monday night.


tonight: very special guest @japes is arriving. i am going to cook some dinner and it will be nice

tomorrow: a few DiS bike dorks are arriving and we are going to cycle out to Box Hill (if anyone would like to join us, please take yourself over to the thread and make yourself known), we’ll probably have some beers and head to the pub after

sunday: recovery


Tonight: leaving do, which I will be sober for, as I have to drive 40 miles back home after

Tomorrow: bike wankering with @japes @thewarn @plasticniki @grievoustim et al. Then off to a birthday party at Eltham GPO

Sunday: driving home and sleeping probably


haircut is a good shout. i want to grow mine but it’s a state right now.


Race this weekend over Saturday and Sunday, so that, packing kit tonight and then a massive takeaway curry and beer on Sunday night.


Tonight - travelling to oxford via boat, tube, two trains and a taxi.
Tomorrow - first train to Liverpool for lpc.

Kill me now


Mine’s getting very thin on top so I think it’s time to shave it all off again.

I think you can push through the state! You can do it!


Would have been better trying to jump on the back of a lorry or something


I’m going back to Cardiff for an old school/bandmate get married and to see the folks
It’s going to be HEAVY


##re: Plans for the weekend thread (official)

Tonight: make some pizzas, drink some wine, maybe play some board games and/or watch some live performances on youtube.

Weekend: no real plans, so probably some pottering. we might finally look at our wedding photos, if we’re up to it. I hope we are. I need to fix the book case too, as one of the shelves broke under the phenomenal weight of our lps.


Tonight: Sign making and few beers with flatmate and her friend who’s visiting.
Tomorrow: Going to Glasgow for an Irish pro-choice solidarity demo - any Glasgow DiSers who want to support, we’ll be at George Square from 11-1!
Sunday: Not much, probably some holiday prep/shopping/packing.

Bailed on a techno festival thing some of my friends are going to, not really my bag.


tonight: playing a gig
tomorrow: going to football and getting blind drunk while my ex clears her stuff out of our flat.
sunday: wake up hungover, throw up probably, sit in bleak emptiness. maybe try and do something fun


Tonight: takeaway night. I’m thinking Thai.

Tomorrow: there’s a craft beer festival I’m thinking of going to. Might try to drag my all time drinking dog to it, but she’s in exam revision hell at the moment so it might not happen.

Sunday: bike ride? Haven’t checked the weather.

Various: getting in as many games of Netrunner as possible, because I’ve got a small tournament on Monday night and I’m feeling a bit rusty.


The neet: travel to deepest darkest south west London for fish and chips at the in-laws like a good Catholic boy.

Saturday: head up to Oxford for some narrow boating with said in-laws.

Sunday: head back to Hackney and chill with my bae.


shit man. hope that goes…um…ok.

remember when me and the ex/ex/ex split up. her folks couldn’t get around to our gaff quick enough to paw through all our stuff. took my fucking Denon stereo, didn’t they. left the cat though, so I’m obviously the true winner


Yeah it blows really. I’m not going to be there so it’ll be easier in that sense, but I’m going to come back to a very different place I think. Perhaps that’s a good thing in terms of moving on but I don’t particularly like the idea right now!

So I’m going to be in a pub drinking £2.25 pints and then going to watch my football team (hopefully) win so I at least have something to cheer!!


no more getting woken up at 06.45AM by the fucking hairdryer! beautiful

good luck, my man