Plans/pints/sun for the bank holiday weekend? ☀ 🌞 🍺

So it would appear that for much of The UK it’s unusually going to be sunny the entire weekend (apologies to our Northern Irish cousins who appear to be mostly underwater currently). Plans/pints/etc?

Thinking of firing up the BBQ on Sunday - obviously DiS loves the element of organised fun that a BBQ entails. Might take my oldest out on her bike as she’s getting to the stage that her stabilisers can probably come off. Small matter of catching The Revolting Cocks live tomorrow - arguably the greatest band of all time.

Will mostly be drinking a load of cans of Bee 17 that I picked up cheap - perfect summertime beer that you can drink about 20 cans of without ever getting hammered:


Any more for anymore? Cheers :beers:

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Gonna try not to get into raging arguments with my flatmate or ex
Gonna try not to jump off the balcony

Might get some writing done?

Playing with tiny plastic spaceships in a dank shop in the Fens, obviously.

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How high is the balcony Ruffers? Trying to gauge how concerned we should be about this plan…

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Gonna paint the bathroom and kitchen tonight
Manchester pride, challenge cup final on TV then a party tomorrow
Sunday… hair of the dog/lounge around watching football
Monday- prep for more painting maybe, or just sit around playing videogames

Off to a cottage on the Suffolk coast with some friends. BBBQ (the extra B stands for ‘beach’).

Gonna cook up these, which are quite frankly, delicious:

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I will try and get as much done out of

Finishing painting all wood in hallway and landing
re-grout bathroom and paint ceiling
washdown, sand and paint whole kitchen
Get steadily more drunk throughout the days of Saturday-Tuesday

Thanks for listening

Oh I’m just being melodramatic

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house party I don’t want to go to tomorrow.
parents’ house I don’t want to go to the day after.

Tonight: Algerian food (earlybird cheap deal)
Tomorrow: dog walk → cambridge cocktail festival (shut up) → depends how many cocktails i have
Sunday: making bread and some sort of pork belly marinaded thing

Yes @Petagno!

Gonna get some Elvis Juice in and watch the fight with the #lads tomorrow night.

Prolly sleep most of Sunday before going to the butcher’s for dinner, they close up around 6 and then re-open at 7pm, chuck a load of chairs around the chopping block and turn themselves into a cookshop.

Monday going for a picnic with wife-o.

Tuesday is my 2nd wedding anniversary so gonna schlep around London, Photographer’s Gallery, film at the BFI, might steal @plasticniki’s idea and nip to the Royal Exchange for a cheapy lunch.

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Actually might see you there once I’m done being Fonz-level cool in Chatteris.

Which beach warny? LOVE the Suffolk coast :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Out for lunch for my birthday, my nephews birthday party, a parkrun and driving back down south in bank holiday Monday traffic.

Are you going to the afternoon session or the evening one?

Do it. The Thai beef salad looked :100:

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Won’t be done till 4ish so it’ll probably be evening if I go. Is it ticketed? Sold out?

Edit: had an email back and reservation is confirmed :kissing_heart:

Gonna mainly be doing DIY but may fire up my tiny BBQ for me and the TV and get a few ciders in on Sat if the weather is as decent as they say. Char a bunch of halloumi and miscellaneous meats, listen to P-Funk, drink until I fall asleep. Maybe go somewhere for a nice walk on Sunday.