Plans/pints/sun for the bank holiday weekend? ☀ 🌞 🍺

Gonna tank a bottle of lush red tonight at home.

Can’t drink Saturday because I’m driving us somewhere and back. Grr.

Sunday I’ll tank a load of very nice craft beer.

Don’t normally go in for these threads so this shows you how very much looking forward to tonight and Sunday’s drinking I am. Really, really up for it.


It’s not a bank holiday up here, and in fact my boyf is working on Sunday. weather is to be good on saturday, so we’ll probably drinking in the garden while our toddler throws himself around and eats stones, and then sunday hiding from the rain somewhere warm.

I would like to make it very clear Geoff, this is NOT a daily thread…

All the better for it!

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Oooh bloody lovely stuff!

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It is ticketed. No idea if it’s sold out…

Think we’ll be headed to Southwold. ADNAMS


Apologies UP - should have checked my bank holiday/weather privileges :+1:

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An old mate is moving out of town to live with her boyfriend who’s from Brighton. So a dozen or more of us are meeting her for a real ale pub crawl this evening.

Saturday, to be decided.

Sunday is the Clerkenwell Festival, a free event on Spa Fields, with live bands and DJs, mostly playing retro rock’n’roll, garage rock, surf instrumental sounds, psychedelia, ska and stuff like that, a dog show, stalls selling second hand stuff, beer and food stalls (though you can bring your own too).

Monday… Recovering from the weekend.

No plans, no friends, no problem.

Going to re-watch Bojack Horseman and drink beer and eat curry.


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I made 2 meera sodha recipes last week.

One was from her new guardian series and it was crispy potatoes and chickpeas and samphire and it was SO BEAUT
The other was a nice aubergine curry. It said to burn some coal on a spoon in it but i ain’t got time for that on a tuesday night


Bah humbug

I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago because I couldn’t decide which I loved the most: anjum or meera. It’s like being a teenager all over again.

indie heroin

Meera all the way for me
if i make her recipe and pop a pic of it on instagram, she always likes it.


I’m actually looking forward to that sweet wetherspoons airport beer. Do they do aperol spritz’ in wetherspoons?

Might do Forest of Dean sculpture trail tomorrow,

Boot sale Sunday which is good for making money but irking that I have to get up at 6 or something.

Monday dunno, panicking that it is start of term on Friday I expect…

Friday afternoon - lunchtime pint with a mate

Friday night - Tooting for a curry with some of the Dads I know through nursery. Tooting Market first for a quick drink and pick up some nice takeout beers.

Saturday - Not much. Hang out with the family and my sister in law, early dinner in Tooting again. Try and agree on a movie to watch in the evening. Always nigh on impossible

Sunday - Mrs out all day boozing, so me and the lad going to Southend. Going to get the train to the end of the pier. Home early for sofa, Deliveroo, beers and some challenging cinema.

Monday - Tube to Putney, riverboat to Tate Britain or Modern, lunch, tube home. Son hasn’t been on a boat before so reckon he’ll be buzzing, unaware that it’s a couple of quid on the Oyster.