Plans to demolish Glasgow O2 ABC music venue

This is sad as it was a good mid-sized venue in the city centre. The ABC2 was also a good venue for smaller bands.

Bah… Hope they’d save the facade at least. One of my favourite venues - good sound, nice size, great views from everywhere.


This is a real shame but I’m not surprised. Remember seeing a video of the fire when the roof of the ABC caved in and thought it would be beyond saving :pensive:

Seen some great gigs there.

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Noooo, I really liked this venue. Put on a few gigs/events there too and always had a fantastic experience with the staff that ran it. Was holding out hope they would save it :cry:

Ah, terrible shame. When it opened ~2005ish it was my venue of choice - great size, great location, and ABC2 was brill for club nights.

Loved how every single band was beguiled with the giant mirror ball too.

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Real shame that any venue had to be torn down. That being said it’s probably my least favourite venue in Glasgow, always though the sound was shite and the lay out crap. I did like abc 2 though.
Hopefully something else takes its place.

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Yeah it was good because a lot of my favourite bands played there, great for the ones that had broken out but weren’t quite big enough for the Barras. But as an actual venue it didn’t grab me, good views I think but didn’t have much atmosphere.

Definitely needs to be another venue instead though, those mid-sized ones are pretty vital (and exactly what Edinburgh is lacking …)


sad it’s being lost as it was a decent mid-sized venue but the real issue here is that it increases the likelihood of some bands playing the academy which is a fucking disaster of a place


Thought this was coming, it’s sad. Think it was just ‘fine’ as a venue, though I did see some great shows there.

Shame - it opened way after I had left Glasgow, so only actually been in it once (although I visited it regularly as a cinema way before that) but it was a good Barrowlands-ish size.