Going to standardise all my clothes pegs. Get rid of the shit. Launch a new era of hanging. Fucking yes!


I could do with stocking up - had a lot crack on me

I was just in Wilkos, twice FUCK


I recommend pants standardisation - game changer


I got some Minkys I like but they come in two types that look almost identical. Some have a larger hole that doesn’t grip the line. Fuck them. I’m onto you Minky.


Oh my pants are fucking standard.





These are the good ones


moderators please give Balonz the title “Fucking Standard Pants”


i’m planning to stay home and not spend any money for the foreseeable future


They look like fucking great pegs alright. Yesterday was the first day of hanging the washing out and new pegs are needed.


Anyone rocking a peg basket? Got this one haven’t we



peg bucket surely? < /pedant >


I was being inclusive. Absolutely no need for this.


calm down, Michael Gove


got like a fabric thingy


fair point. Apologies.


+1 for Fabric

Got to say it looks like we need to up our peg game. We’ve got a right mish mash of shit.


Got one of these badboys

Normal things you don't have in your house

Now that’s a serious bit of kit