🥦 🍑 Plant based food discoveries 2021 🍑 🥦

New from Sainsbury’s own brand- vegan gua bao. They were really good. The fake pork is half jackfruit, half soya.


I mentioned this in the other thread but repeating it here because it’s changed my life and I don’t know if it’s common knowledge or not

Chana dal makes the best homemade hummus. It must be what they use for industrial hummus as it’s so smooth and delicious. And cheap! I bought a 1kg bag of chana dal for like £1.50 and about 100g makes a big tub once soaked, boiled, and blended (with everything else, obvs)

I’m never making hummus with canned chickpeas again


All my faves seem impossible to find lately but the vivera pumpkin burgers, and their chicken escalopes are chef’s kiss

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Aldi had some really good pumpkin croquettes over Christmas as buffet food. I got several packets reduced last week- they might still have some.

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Please post a picture of the bag of chana dal.


Nice. My local Chinese used to do the most incredible salt and pepper pumpkin, then they changed the dough to some sort of doughnut type dough?! Awful.

Pumpkin is so good

The actual bag? Or just for illustrative purposes?

About to eat this

Will report back

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The only downside to this is I have get Get Busy by Sean Paul in my head constantly because the way he says his name in that song sounds a bit like chana dal


You should probably thank @ricardomotorbike for the suggestion too

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this looks delicious but then i saw the word jackfruit :frowning:

(i don’t hate jackfruit but i forced myself to eat it during a bad mental health phase around food and now the mere mention makes me feel nauseous)

I just had one of these. Apart from the roll being a bit tough, it was really really good imo. Also, it cost me like 48p or something

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Absolutely correct



It’s definitely got a gooey texture on those bao- they’ve used it to mimic the fat on the real pork

Bird’s Eye Green Cuisine burgers and sausages. They’re made from pea protein (plus some other stuff) and I think I like pea protein “fake meat” the best so far. Don’t like Quorn, Soya protein is ok, don’t think I’ve had Seitan.

That was what I wanted, thank you!

I used the chicken strips from this range to make a good katsu curry

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Linda Macs pulled pork burgers are great. I like to put a single potato waffle between the burger and the bottom part of the bun. Try it now, thank me later.


I’ve done this with LM sausages in a bap - sliced 2 sausages in half lengthways then the potato waffle underneath.


I like to put some chipotle sauce on top of them once they’re cooked, and then put them back in the oven for a couple of minutes