🥦 🍑 Plant based food discoveries 2021 🍑 🥦

these are banging


It’s so great isn’t it? Sort of wish it didn’t exist as I’d have so much less toast and toast related snacks in my life if it weren’t for that


Not food but this vegan liquer is so good

One of those new vegan products that tastes so good, but makes me so ill.

omg I used love Sosmix

Beanfeast… I forget if I liked that or not, but we sure ate a lot of it


read the whole thing and now I wish I was 17 and we were living with my big sister

I remember looking in the cupboards for snacks a few times when I was desperate and being a bit perplexed by the halva and mostly defaulting to scavenging a handful of black pepper cashews

also the house often smelled of incense, and she had brooms by the door (Wiccan phase)

(fuck - she was also younger then than I am now :anguished: )

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Tried some of those Richmond meat-free sausages as they were on special offer. They were fine essentially, but are very much aimed at tempting determined meat eaters to try veggie stuff. Still prefer Lindas. Probably won’t bother to buy them again.

(They also smelt really weird when I cooked them, like cheap church hall orange squash)

richmond m-f are my fave sausages in the chilled section. i find beyond the most overly meaty. used to think linda’s were too cardboardy, but liked them last time. the recipe or me has changed

Linda Macca’s sausages changed the recipe about 5 years ago although in my view it made them much less tasty and stopped getting them altogether after that :frowning:

They can overcook very easily and go dry. You need to keep your eye on them.

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Surpassed vivera shawarma for my favourite meat replacement.

Yeah think this more of an issue after the recent recipe change (removing the palm oil)


Wow, actual tears from this :joy: