Plants and gardening Summer 2018 Super Thread


This is currently going on in my flat:

They are to be moved out onto the balcony when they’ve grown a bit.

What are YOUR plant projects for this season?




Hello! :smiley: I need to repot pretty much all my plants. They’re all different types of house plants, I can’t be doing with getting mad mixes for each individual one. Do people reckon I could just use something like this?

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Is that really yours? If so, it’s lovely

growing some cucumber, a butternut squash and some onions from seeds. Its making me feel a bit sad though as I used to garden with my grandpa when he was alive. That’s who learnt all my gardening skills from.



Sounds fun (and what a lovely way to have learnt as well!). I wish I had space to grow more veg, but with my smallish balcony it’s limited to some tomatoes and chilies in addition to various flowers.

We’ve got quite a bit to do in tbe garden as we’ve neglected it for a couple of years, due to not having much time and bad weather.

This was full of weeds, but we’re clearing it, will sieve it and top up with new soil, and make a big veg patch.

This was a tiered veg patch which I’ll sort out too.

At some point we need to patio this over and make a nice courtyard area to eat out with planters and stuff. But for now we’ll just jetwash it.

Lawn needs sorting too.

We do have rhubarb and an apple tree.


And a miniture pear tree.

I’m going yo spend most evenings and weekends for the foreseeable getting it nice for the summer, I might post updates.


Please do post updates! Looks lovely, and with the potential to be pretty amazing with some TLC. I will defo be posting updates about my much smaller plant project(s), as I get really really excited.


Our rhubarb patch is coming in nicely, gonna make the tv’s family’s patented rhubarb cake soon.

Couple tulips too.


this is my garden last Thursday morning:

this is my garden last Thursday evening:

fair play to the guy who did that in a day. plan is to put some stuff on the trellises on the fence, pot plant or two but mostly to not let weeds take over and keep the grass going


Just finished phase 1 of our garden this weekend. Gonna put a load of pots on that and now do some raised beds maybe with some bamboo.


Your gardens look amazing! Well done to everyone involved.

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Over the weekend I dug over most of the veg patch area.

But we need to top it up with topsoil and compost, so I’ve been going to the garden centre at lunch,

Now I’ve got 300 litres of topsoil and 160 litres of compost to add.


That’s about 6 big sacks. Pfft that’s nothing. I shifted half a tonne of rotted horse manure up a storey’s worth of steps last year.

[Admittedly it nearly put me in traction]

Still need more, probably need to get a tonne, I want to get one of those grab bags delivered by our roads to narrow for big delivery vehicles. So it’s going to be loads of little bags (12 soil, 4 compost so far). Did it last year as well, but got bored of filling it up.

Plus our house on on a hill, so loads of steps to carry it all up.

Yeah our horse poo came in a half tonne bag on the drive. I transported it up the garden in trugs. Our garden is the other side of a railway embankment…

I’d love to to get one of those, but dustbin lorries often get stuck on our road so a big truck with the grab hand has got no chance.

Mowed our lawn for the first time this year last week. I didn’t even get angry and throw the mower into a flower bed, like I did last year. Then I went out and bought a strimmer to do the bits that were too long for the mower.

^ Lavender (store bought)

^ Tomatoes

^ Various flowers

Also have some chili and pepper sprouts but not huge hopes for them (don’t really have enough space for them)