Plants in your house, a thread about house plants

What’s your houseplant situation, DiS?
(no fake ones please, come on)

I’ve had these GBOLs for over 5 years, the fella at the top got badly banged up in a move once but just sprung right back like it was nothing.

That lolly stick is holding the cactus up because he’s started drooping :frowning:

Anyway, about a month or so ago I reconnected with an estranged sibling who’s really into cacti and succulents and they’ve taught me how to grow and look after them properly.
(spoilers for overshare blah blah)

some horrible family shit happened, we don’t talk about it or how it’s affected us because that’s not what our family does, but we do talk about hardy plants and it’s been really helpful

So now I have LOADS! :smiley:

The cactus at the front there was grown from a bit I found on the floor in Homebase.

This chap was 50p in Wilko cos he was in a bit of a state.

And this is my first cutting that’s propagated :smiley:

It’s right nice having plants in the flat.


My house is filled with plants and I do not like it.

I wish you well with this thread and with all of your future endeavours.

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What’s not to like? They’re not owls, ffs.

alright, squid


I have ZERO plants


If it was up to me we’d live in a white, featureless cube.


And now I have my new tinder bio. :+1:


Looks like SOMEONE is fishing for some cuttings :slight_smile:

I don’t get this, is it a ticktock thing?

No plants.

Occasionally people will bring houseplants as a gift. They will be killed in due course, obviously.

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I have one which I swiped from my sis. Really should get some more


That’s a classy looking plant

I had a fern once but it died. :frowning:

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Killed on purpose? :open_mouth:

WFH has given me the opportunity to go and count. We have 28 cactii and succulents in the porch. I can’t be arsed going and counting all the plants in the rest of the house.

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A combination of neglect and incompetence.

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We had some plants a few years ago but I hated them and they died

how come it died?!


8 in the kitchen, 16 in the conservatory plus some sprouting potatoes.


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