Plants in your house, a thread about house plants

Ah this sounds great!

Do you have a favourite?

hanging plants are the plants to get imo
no clogging up of valuable surfaces


Yeah, I’d love some, but I don’t have things to hang them from.

I have a least favourite. That’s the really big spiky one that gets me in the forehead “Sideshow Bob and the rake” style every time I bend down to put something in the recycling bag.

In as much as there are demarcated tasks in my household, plant upkeep is most definitiely Mrs F’s wheelhouse. I can get as far as just about identifying the type of plant. Wouldn’t have a clue what any of them are called. The cactii are nice when they flower though.

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I love that song

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Also was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title - the bit that goes

‘Houseplaaaannnnnnttsss - houseplaaaaaannnbttttss’

Like a ghost

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Also I really like house plants - exciting photos to come

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I like succulents and cacti because the upkeep is well easy. I just wet them once a fortnight.

Have you considered moving the big spikey chap?

I have no plants but would like to get a small one I think

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It made me sneeze at first but then I built an immunity or something

Succulents are great


We have loads of pileas and they keep having babies. They’re cute if anyone wants one

Also @cutthelights the aloe vera mother to your baby didn’t take to her new home very well and is unfortunately not likely to be with us for much longer. Please continue the bloodline


My plants are all dying cause I didn’t care enough. Now I care and I hope we’re on the long road to recovery. I’m into outdoor plants at the moment but I don’t know if that’s allowed here.

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We have many, many house plants. Here are a few I can see without standing up:

Much like you Sadpunk I’m a sucker for a miserable looking succulent. Got this for £2 from a shop in town and repotted it because it kept falling over because its roots were too shallow. Has trebled in size and had a baby.

The bromeliad was a housewarming gift. Apparently it’s technically dying because it has already flowered but the we think two splits at the root are its offspring.

Some misc propogations from other stuff around the house.

This is our first go at stem ginger, which we’ve got by planting some supermarket ginger and leaving it for a bit. It’s dead expensive to buy in this country and apparently really good for cooking.

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Not my wheelhouse. Plus as any married person knows you don’t just give up a solid gold perennial source of grievance for the sake of avoiding a tiny bit of frequent pain.

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ooh, they ARE cute! Are they easy to look after?

Yep! Even I can’t kill them

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Yeah, outdoor plants are okay in here but I do NOT want a gardening thread.

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Fkn bngr m8!

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Oh mate, this is an amazing selection!

Glad the rescued succulent is doing so well. It’s so nice to take a poorly looking plant and watch it thrive. The propagation looks ace too.

Might pop some ginger in a pot, got some in the kitchen that’s not fit for cooking with now.

The one who looks like it’s spinning plates is so cool :slight_smile: