Plastic attack!

Twats right?


Have I been upgraded?


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enjoy the flies on your raw meat shoppers of Bath.



proper dickhead behaviour this innit. make your protest but dont make the minimum wage workers in tesco spend the rest of their shift tidying up after it


It looks to be all old white people doing it as well?

whats with that

Dailymail are doing a big plastic waste campaign

It gets us out of the house


Plastic waste is a serious issue and we could all do our bit to cut back.
However. however - i get really irked by people who need to broadcast that they live a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle and make a big smug deal out of it. ‘look at my wooden toothbrush’, that kind of carry-on.
Waste is a systemic issue more than a personal one (of course it’s both, but cutting down on personal waste is ultimately futile if nothing is being done on a systemic level.) so ultimately i can’t help seeing these things as an exercise in smugness. if you’re zero waste and you’re not broadcasting it, you’re probably ok though.

there are some stats about commercial waste vs personal waste but i can’t be bothered digging them up. it’s ridiculous though

there’s more difficult things to clean up than a pile of plastic packaging tbf

Big amongst retirees, DailyMail readers and Which? subscribers.

It’s a cause that’s something fairly superficial that will benefit the environment without having to make a significant sacrifice, or actually challenge the structures that cause global warming or environmental damage in the first place.


I’d disagree with that, hearing what people around you are doing can be hugely influential


where is it ok to protest?

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always going to be bad for poor working people isn’t it


probably just private security firms or something

There are loads of people that wouldn’t know about the issue or the alternatives if certain people didn’t broadcast it though.

yeah probably. i’m probably talking bollocks here. but there is a type of person who just irks me along these lines