Plastic consumption


I’ve always been conscious of recycling/plastic usage etc but after this weeks Blue Planet, I’m HORRIFIED.

I don’t think I could even live one day without encountering some kind of plastic. Everything is plastic.

Are you good at this?
Does anyone have any tips for living a plastic free life?

Reducing Plastic Waste

Use wood instead


I have a wooden toothbrush.


Something Balonz something splinters


i’ve at least changed to a facewash without microbeads :confused:


i’ve stopped washing my face altogether




this occurred to me today as I used the little brush to clean between my teeth (as directed by my dentist)

I use one pretty much every day (plus a bit of floss for the lower front teeth where the brushes won’t fit) - plus every packet comes with a little plastic case to keep the brushes in. What’s the environmentally friendly alternative?

I have also stopped buying face wash with the beads in



But I found out pretty much all make up contains plastic :frowning:


Gws @plasticniki


Here is bamboo floss


I have started to refuse plastic straws in places that give you straws. Straws r twats, just say no.


I just ordered some metal straws.


I knit my own straws


You’re ruining this planet!


how about that refill washing up liquid stuff? should save on some packaging.


I am! What’s wrong with knitting?!


Just smash the plates after you’re done.


it’s difficult isn’t it.

when shopping for fruit and veg i never bother putting them in plastic bags. obv you don’t need them.

it’s packaging which is really bad - like wrappers for things.


I’ve stopped eating plastic