Plastic consumption

I have stopped buying plastic bottles. It means carrying around my own water bottle with me and asking people to fill it up, which is hit and miss.

I also take my plastic soup containers home to recycle at home as I’m not convinced they’re recycled at work. When it comes down to it, I’m not totally convinced they’re actually recycled if you put them in the recycling bin at home either, but I like to think I try

  • keepcups
  • no microbeads (these are getting banned anyway)
  • carrying bag for life/tote bags with you
  • carry your own water bottle
  • refillable washing up liquid

that’s all i got :confused:


So, so bad at remembering my shopping bags


I became a bit para about plastics exposure (esp BPA and phthalates) when I was preggers but that was an indulgence that soon fell away once the baby arrived and things got hectic. I really do think I want to revisit our plastic use though. it’s just so difficult. You want to buy a bottle of orange squash- 9/10 of them are in plastic bottle unless you buy fancy Belvoir or whatever.

if you want to drink cow’s milk, then you can buy it in a glass bottle if you shop around, but the milk will have come from udder to bottling location via a set of plastic tubes.

we are basically all about 12% plastic I reckon.

It will be interesting to see if anybody has any good tips re cutting down consumption and exposure.

I cried for an hour after watching that sad bit on blue planet (can’t even type out what happened as it’s setting me off).


I genuinely want to make crochet reusable cotton pads

But doesn’t the refillable washing liquid come in plastic?

Well my first step is going to be swapping out my plastic tupperware for glass. I generally think thats better for your health anyway!

But yeah, I think you have to be pretty keen on making stuff from scratch. Like I shouldn’t buy nut milks as I could make my own and store in a glass jar. BUT FAFF.


Make your own!

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Only thing I could improve on there is the plastic packaging in supermarkets, that’s bloody everywhere isn’t it.

yeah btu no diff to carrying your own water bottle innit, just reusing one instead

I think they fly less and cycle more these days, tbf.

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Reusing plastic is better for the environment but some studies suggest that repeated re-use increases your exposure as the plastic starts to break down. Hard to sift the science from the scaremongering though I find, when it comes to a lot of this stuff.

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I’ve started recycling. Actually quite enjoy it.

Why don’t more places offer paper bags? They can’t be more expensive that the 5p/10p carrier bags, surely. Always feels a bit cooler carrying daily groceries in those as well.

Actually thought the footage in the latest episode was a bit questionable in that there might have been other reasons the young whale had died, but the general point needs addressing.

For me the footage of the dead coral reefs were as distressing, but i guess that’s slightly different.

‘Slow down’ seems a bit unncessary?

Ah that whale in the poster has just reminded me of Blue Plazzer :disappointed_relieved:

But you’re still buying a plastic bottle each time to refil another bottle? Defeats the object, no?

Already switched to macrobeads


We need more leather pouches, sheaths, etc.

nah they have dispensers in the shops i think

re paper bags, I did a big primark shop during my lunch break one day last month, and I was given a big brown paper bag. When I left work that night it was blowing a hoolie and pissing it down, and before I could get to the station (four blocks away) the paper bag had all but disintegrated and I had to hug the whole bag to my body to get the things home. Srlsy who would ever give out a paper bag in Glasgow (or Manchester or Ireland, I guess.)

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