Plastic containers that all the crisps are in in Tesco Express

The other day I spent about 30 seconds pulling a packet of crisps out of the small gap between the bottom of one container and the top of another. Remember thinking “ffs don’t know how they expect us to get these crisps if they overfill it like this”. Quite a few other people in the aisle as well. Didn’t even dawn on me until the next day what I’d done. Kill me now.


Is this a new thing?

Those always confuse/annoy me too if that’s any consolation. Don’t know why they can’t just put them in a normal box.

Climbed up them to open up a box of kfc crisps because they weren’t any in the plastic bit

No regrets

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The Co-Op have started putting steaks in locked boxes you need to get unlocked at the till


I’m sure I’ve mentioned before the honey is in locked boxes at the Tesco in Salford.

I have no idea what you’re talking about


Did see a man run out of the supermarket holding lots of meat once

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I have noticed this, usually when I’m going to the cinema I buy popcorn from the little tesco across the road, and its in these things too. Nonsensical and unhygienic, same with their dumb fridges closed with doors down every aisle. I guess it saves energy but they never go the way you expect and also means having to touch more stuff

During my journo training, on my first day in court, I got really excited after watching a case which was all about a guy stealing bacon. I went to tel my supervisor and he was just like “That isn’t news, everyone nicks meat”.


A little update. Yesterday I realised how I’d made that mistake, and took a photo.

Say if I wanted a packet of those Nik Naks. At first glance it looks like I need to pull them out of that small gap at the top, because it looks like there’s only Doritos underneath. But thats the container below. The Nik Naks are simply hidden from view in the bit where you’re supposed to get them from, deeper inside the container.

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What the fuck are they doing? Never sen this before. They look like drawers. Is this a Covid thing?


I don’t think so. What did they used to be in? I can’t remember.

never seen this in my life, it makes little sense


Just open slopey shelves as i recall with the upright bit at the bottom with the label on to stop them sliding off.



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Mind that, must have been AGES ago

Disgusting how bad the third Fuck Buttons album is

Honestly sounds like it was made as a top gear soundtrack

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Bring back the big cardboard boxes of crisps with a circle cut out the end you’d get in corner shops. Much better.