Plasticine vs Playdough

Let’s find out once and for all

  • Plasticine
  • Playdough

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Both absolute shite.

Squidgy fucking piles of wank


This isn’t what we’re here to discuss


Plasticine because of getting it in those long strips. Does it still come that way?

Both smell delicious.


I’m the kind of guy who hasn’t smelt plasticine in upwards of 25 years

:rotating_light: Fucking thread police :rotating_light:

What’s the difference? Thought playdo was a named brand plasticine, no?

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Get a loada this clown!!!


Haven’t got a fucking clue but me and @Scout agree on nearly everything so I’ll just vote with her.

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Playdough tastes nicer, so that.


Plasticine > Play Doh > knock-off play doh

Playdough was delicious.

Plasticine needs more warming up to use and is a bit more I dunno volatile oily like gloss paint compared to playdough. I think plasticity doesn’t dry out in the same way too

Still is

Came here to say exactly this

High 5

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Despite not smelling as nice, not tasting as nice and not having the coolest accessories, it’s still plasticine.

Anyone ever play Rapidough? That was a fun game.

Iirc the dough went stale after like 2 games tho

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Yeah, I played that game a few times in my days

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Which one is the delicious one?