Plate or bowl?


What do you tend to use most often when eating your dinner?

For clarification a bowl doesn’t just mean a cereal type bowl but a dish with a substantial lip.


always a plate, i don’t consider it a proper meal if it’s in a bowl. more of a treat.




Bowls are for pudding and soup


generally a plate - allows for more pushing around of the food whereas a bowl everything just ends up on top.

Not absolute mind - i will eat out of a bowl.


50/50 split between large pasta bowls and plates.


Prefer those massive bowl-like plates. It’s like bowling with the bumpers on.


That’s what I meant, large pasta bowl type things. Seems people are focussing on cereal bowls which I explicitly stated wasn’t the only bowl I was talking about.


Those people should be ashamed.



If we have soupy noodles or veggie poke then it’ll be in a bowl. Most other stuff will be on a plate.




  • Bowl
  • Plate

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  • Bowl
  • Plate

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Plates are ok, but large bowls are the best.



No Hitler option?


Limiting poll imo - the sauce is what is important, not the carbohydrate.


On the rare occasion that we’d have very sloppy spaghetti or soupy noodles, then pasta plates could be excused, but otherwise we eat from plates like a proper adult.


Depends if I can be arsed to wash anything up/wait for the dishwasher. Regularly eat sandwiches out of cereal bowls.


Fucking hell.

Muting the thread now.


I eat sandwiches out of my hands.