Platonic intimacy


You know, lovely things that you do with your pals. Like straightening your mate’s tie up for him so he looks supa dupa fly. Or sharing a brolly. Went to the pub with my pal the other week and shared a brolly and it’s just a dead nice thing isn’t it? She was a bit pissed and emotional so she was clinging onto my arm for dear life as well, the dafty. Anyway, let’s talk about that for a bit


please don’t touch me


Like announcing my presence by pinching/slapping my mates bums


forward rolls


ALSO forgot to mention, if anyone’s a bit cwbaft then come to Manchester and I’ll give you a cuddle, it’s fine


first reply in here is absolutely peak DiS :smiley:


Occasional hugs for colleagues who are feeling shit


Pick them up like I’m tossing a caber


Couldn’t have really hoped for more than those first two replies really. Wonderful


I’m definitely not going to any more Glasgow meats now


You’d love it









when i’m very drunk i’ll grab friends round the waist and try to pick them up.

otherwise no not really.



So as a teenager I didn’t have very many friends. When i finally made good friends in sixth form, things like sharing a drink with the same straw, licking a friends ice cream to try it or holding hands so you don’t get lost were things I’d literally never ever done. Imagine a tv show about a robot learning how to love, it was like that



:smiley: Lemmy still wins though