Playground apparatus/equipment that you're confident you'd still enjoy going on

We all know that going on the swings remains a great experience long after childhood has left us but I reckon I’d still quite like having a wee clamber around on the climbing frame and a little trip down the slide.

I would NOT like going on the roundabout though and the see-saw would be really boring to me at the age of 36

How about you lot?


I used to like just dangling on them. Would be quite content just dangling there for a while, watching the world go by. Was always tricky though as there would be a bit of a queue backing up so eventually you have to monkey bar you’re way across for the good of the wider playground community.


Would still enjoy the swings I reckon.

You know the thing that’s like a rocking horse but on a big spring? I’d very much enjoy to have a go on that again.


All of it. Get to go on a lot of it now I have kids. So I’m rekindling a love of playgrounds again.


I like swings but I wouldn’t want to deny an actual child their fun

Reckon you’d be able to go far too fast on a roundabout, which would be kind of fun

Woah! Very cool!

I had a really bitchin’ dismount from the climbing frame in our back garden which involved doing a kind of somersault/forward-roll around one of the horizontal bars and then flinging myself off with my arms. However, I once did this move when my sister had converted the climbing frame into a house (eg, had slung a blanket over the top with a brick in place to hold it there) and, when I did the dismount the whole thing came down and the brick landed on my head and my heavily pregnant Mum had to take me to A&E

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went to a playpark yesterday and went on the roundabout, swing and then some sort of seesaw balance board thing that you can stand on and move side to side until my wife said to get down as I was “embarrassing”


Yeah those things are great. I’ve got some really treasured footage of Skillo going on one at the age of 17 or so and making it go really close to the floor. Very good.

Went on one of the wobbly horses a few years ago when I was out my face, fell backwards off it and it pinged back and just about hit me in the face so probably not that.

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Yeah, that’s more idylic. I was the sort of child that preferred the reassuring solidity of cold, hard steel though.

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Should organise a DiSmeat at a park

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I think that would make me feel very unwell

Tell her to go fuck herself, mate. That’s bang out of order.

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  • Woodchips
  • That rubber stuff that goes on pavement

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I mean I was also wearing beige shorts in February. It was a look

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Like a roller-coaster!

These are fun. A 360° see saw


Yeah, you’ve made a good point there you know. It’s making me reconsider and I’m not usually the type for reconsidering anything.

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What other advances in playground tech have you observed as a parent?