playground crazes

absolutely furious that this is being reported as a “new playground craze”, this and the “what did the farmer give his son?!” cock-punching games have been around for time immemorial surely?

what crazes swept your respective playgrounds?


White dog poo

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Pogs - was into it
Football stickers - was into it
Yoyos - wasn’t really into it
Tazos - give me a break they’re not pogs
Pokemon cards - was into it

Also, I’m pretty sure manhood is not the testicles

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There was a bit in Primary School where concerned parents made complaints and an assembly was called to address the fact that the Year 5 boys (there were literally four of us) had made a gang called “The Mafia”


Coca-cola spinners (yo-yos)
ProSet cards

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I hope none of you broke omerta.

Monster in my Pocket card game
Playing Bulldog and then renaming it to something very similar after it was banned

I think I just did! Eek!

Collecting Kinder Egg terrapins


Football stickers

Got, got, need

Lovely stuff


we had lots of running races named after football trophies, but replaced with ‘r’ for running, like the RA cup. as thick kids we also had the Rurthington’s cup


Garbage Pail Kids cards


Got 2 Peter Atherton’s I’ll swap you for a Danny Maddox

Nipple Cripple.

Twist someone’s nipple and shout “Nipple Cripple!”.

Just boys mainly.

I remember H.e.d.z cards being huge for like 1 month. Turns out they were based on a video game which was awful and then no one spoke of H.e.d.z again



British Bulldog
Flicking football cards up to the wall. The opponents cards could be won by various means, depending on the rules you were following in a particular game:

  • flick one card each, nearest the wall wins
  • prop a single card up against the wall, winner is the one to knock it down and they get to keep all of the cards flicked
  • Topsies - flick cards in turn, winner is the one to land a card on top of their opponent’s - they keep all of the cards flicked

sack-whack isn’t it

sooky eyeball: put your mouth over someone else’s eye socket and suck hard and they get a black eye
postie: grab someone’s legs spread them out and ram their dick into a fence post