playground crazes


Kids are proper fucking idiots, eh. It’s dead good.


Used to do this back in my day, even down to the short geographical lesson

Tango’ing someone


Save it for Thursday!

smell my cheese

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If someone asked me the capital of Thailand I would simply reply “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon”.

I wonder if anyone ever really ‘played’ soggy biscuit.

and you’d get punched in the dick


assume everyone that went to eton

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Yo-yos came in strong for a couple of years, somewhere mid to late 90s. Everyone had one, I had one, kids were doing insane tricks all over the playground. Some got diablos which was just silly. Then it fizzled and I haven’t seen kids pick it up since. Which is odd as they are cheap, portable, you can do much more impressive things than fidget spinners or bottle flipping.

I don’t remember cock related pain (pretty sure some accusation of “errr that is gay” would avoid it?), but charlies were common (knee someone in the thigh, get dead leg).

From what my mate who went to boarding school from age of 6 has told me when drunk in the darkest parts of the night, soggy biscuit sounds like the most innocent thing they did in their dorms.

Yo-Yos hit my son’s school last term after a demo and the school them. It was crazy for a few weeks. Not been seen this term.

Push pops. Banned due to rumours of kids stabbing themselves accidentally having sucked the pop to a sharpened point (the precursor to today’s ice knife)


Hyperventilating for a few seconds then getting your mate to put their hands on your neck until you slump unconscious. Probably dangerous as fuck but really awesome dream like stuff when you went under.

Also necking cough mixture


there was a guy in my class who would hold his breath and make his face go red/purple until he passed out as some sort of weird “party trick”, kids are absolutely fucking mental


we had a vaguely similar thing “two for flinching”, you’d pretend to punch someone and if they flinched you were then “allowed” two free punches at them, a lot of these crazes were just an excuse for casual violence


There was a brief craze for those rubber things that are like half a ball and you turn them inside out and they ping into the air

Charles Hutchense stuck his to his forehead and it left a massive perfectly round bruise :laughing:

There was also a craze at sixth form for juggling - I never got my own balls but I did learn to do basic juggling with other people’s


Punching someone in their BCG injection site




Crazy bones.

I remember my little brother’s crew getting into ‘beyblades’ and being slightly annoyed I was too old to play with them. Looked loads more fun than cards or stickers.

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