Playing music on Android devices

What music players do you guys use to play ‘on device’ files on Android?

Used to use Play music which was fine until they discontinued it and pushed me towards Youtube Music. Don’t like Youtube music as it seems to try and connect to the internet every time you use it so if I were to use it in aeroplane mode for example it would just time out trying to connect to the web rather than letting me play any on device files. Plus it’s always asking me to subscribe to their Premium service which I have absolutely no interest in.

Any pointers appreciated. Cheers!


gapless and plays flac and whatnot. great little app lad. there is a free version which is still great.

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Been using Poweramp last few years. Think it’s pretty well respected, I’ve not had any issues with it. Can’t remember how much it cost, maybe about a fiver.


I use Oto Music, it’s got a nice UI, it’s super responsive (moreso than Google Play Music ever was) and it’s got all the queueing features you could ask for


I switched to Music Player Go when Play Music disappeared…

No idea how it compares to others, but it is ultra simple to use and I’ve had zero issues with it :+1:

I use Musicolet. Does everything I want it to. IIRC it’s completely free but there’s a premium version with zero extra features just in case you want to give the devs a couple of quid. It’s such a nice simple app it felt rude not to.


Aimp (cos I use it on on desktop)

Samsung Music, because it was on my old phone by default. Had to download it onto my current one though. (One of the few times I’ve used the Galaxy Store rather than the Play store for something)

I also use this one (the free version). It seems to do a good job for me. The only other one I tried was called Pulsar which seemed to have a nice simple interface but the default setting was to play albums on shuffle. Easy enough to change but by that time I’d already got used to Musicolet so just kept using that.

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+1 for Oto Music. Decent so far.

+poweramp, it’s pretty good


just the basic Samsung Music one

doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it?

Also on Musicoletbook, it’s pretty great and simple and does what you’d want a music player to do quite intuitively.

I truly hate applications that insist on an internet connection when their core functions don’t require the internet, no thanks


I use Cloud player with my music stored on Google Drive.

Another Poweramp user here. Not sure how wonderful it is, I found that it couldn’t see certain music files but maybe that was my inadequacy.

N7 player, lovely interface. Starts as Artist list and when you pinch to zoom turns into the artwork.

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