Playlist help! for snow!

What sort of music do u listen to when it’s snowy out.
currently i have some ambient music like the album “hexadecimal” by visible cloaks, and some songs with sounds congruent w the idea of ‘flurries’ such as “wait for me” by hall and oates

any thoughts?

Mainly listen to metal

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haha what kind of feeling does that give u. grim ? strong ?

This is a good creepy one for any snow themed comp. French songstress Claudine Longet (ex-wife of Andy Williams) shot dead her subsequent boyfriend who was an Olympic skier while coked out of her gourd. She somehow got the jury to believe her account that he was shot accidentally while showing her how the gun worked, despite evidence she shot him in the back.

Not on Youtube, but this is the ultimage snow song. As fate would have it, I was driving while snowing when I listened to that song for the first time - quite magical.

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The “best of” known as The Portable Galaxie 500 is my go to album for snow. A lot of weather references/titles within that album. Also, Galaxie 500 are my favourite band.