Playlist of the week (a collaberative Spotify playlist for all!) Feb 19th playlist live

Every monday starting next week ill post an empty collaberative playlist in this thread and you - the disers - can add anything youd like. The only rule being 1 song per user.

And we can use this thread to talk about the songs - think itll be a neat way to ibtroduce each other to new music without the added game (and for some - stress) of the Music Leauge.

Yer in?

  • Sounds good duck - go ahead - I’ll probably contribute
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I like this. Yesiamin.

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As long as it’s not 10 hours long, I’m in


Have at you. Add anything you fancy


Lovely idea. I’ll be listening to this on my drive home later after a day without music so bring your A game folks.

Bumping this thread for the lunchtime crowd


Loved Taxi Kebab

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Popped a banger in

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Cheers, that was mine - going to listen to the list once my daughter is off to bed


Yeah going to kisten before bed to give the highest chance for a thicc playlist

First track, from yeule, is very Smashing Pumpkins isn’t it. Somewhat in the same way that this Alex G song also reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins.

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I can’t seem to add to the playlist, @Yesiamaduck can you add Methusela by The Smashing Pumpkins?

(I promise I won’t just do Pumpkins every week)

What a song! And not even a B-Side!

Zwan every other week then? :wink:


You’re on to my tricks

(sadly they’re not on Spotify)

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Weird you werent able to add - had a look and youre set to collaverator (anyone who clicks the link is set as a collaberator by default) so it should theoretically work like your own playlist

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Anyways works started! time to listen

Fuck yeah Nier Automata

Tis like a very shoegazey Pixies - obsessed with it

Cool idea man, a bit of work for me though as I don’t use Spotify. Are you going to wipe the playlist each week or just start a new one?

this is a great idea