Playlist of the week (a collaberative Spotify playlist for all!) Feb 19th playlist live

Start a new one so you can convert each one to your platform of choice - if you’d like to participate just request a song here and someone (or myself) can add it for you

I was curious about John Francis Flynn from the recent Friday release thread but hadn’t listened to samples yet. Have added the album to my queue on the strength of this track.


Awesome, thanks. I think it’s because I’m on web, I need to figure that out.

That was an enjoyable listen, great idea @Yesiamaduck

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Enjoyed King Creosote and Loretta Lynn from the additions since I last listened


Never heard a lot of the artists here. Enjoyed the nice mellow Charlie Coxedge track, 90s hip hop from Cellski, and TAXI KEBAB which reminded me of the artist I submitted, Use Knife.

Always love hearing The Byrds and appreciate having a classic thrown in here.

Good Smashing Pumpkins track, wouldn’t know it if it wasn’t in ML recently. It is surprising it wasn’t even a b-side.

I’ve ignored Tennis since they hit the scene, name and image didn’t appeal to me. But this track is nice.

Still gotta listen to the newer additions.


Big fan of this playlist business. Smashing idea @Yesiamaduck

As long as we keep it to a manageable size/length it’ll be great to dip into and out of all week.


Theses two are lovely. Went on to listen to both albums.


Week 2 here

Have at it - click the link and add your tunes


Added the track that narrowly missed out on being my music league submission for the current round.

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Good tracks so far

Just did the same (now being the previous round).

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Nice varied playlist this week! Stole Ell Ichales Affair, Cormea, Her Picture and Johanna Samules and shoved them into my grab bag fav song playlist and will check out their records in full

Couldn’t find this on Spotify so you’re spared the Finnish version of West End Girls I was going to add.

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added one

Just added something I heard half of this morning on Fip.

Gaétan Nonchalant - Plages Du Nord

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This has made my day, thank you for sharing it.

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You’re welcome. I heard it on the latest Paula Tape Radio 1 Residency show. She was playing nice Balearic housey stuff, then I was surprised and delighted when this popped up right at the end.

Sorry forgot to do this yesterday

Have at it


Doesn’t seem to have the option to add tracks yet?

Try this