Playlists and Mixtapes

Hello everyone!

For a little while now I’ve been trying to make a playlist for a friend. In a moment of drunken nostalicalness (totally not a word) I promised I’d make them one and I genuinely would!

I used to love the process of compiling all your favourite songs/songs you think they’d like, making sure they all worked together, deciding how to start the playlist, how to end it and then the icing on the cake - the booklet that would accompany it! You could write little notes about why you’d chosen those particular songs, or what thoughts and memories they evoked… PHOTO COLLAGE THEIR FACE ONTO THE BODIES OF DIFFERENT ANIMALS… y’know, stuff like that.

However, I’m at the point of massively overthinking it and second guessing myself. Mostly because I know I’d be a little gutted if they didn’t like it :grimacing: which is silly, everyone has different taste etc.

SO, the point of this thread… INSPIRATION.

Tell me about the mixtapes/playlists you’ve made/received/found over the years. Any artwork that went along with it… how it shaped you/affected you in anyway or make one especially for this thread!

Woo, funtimes.

p.s. I wanted to add some hearts to either side of the title of this thread but whenever I do such a thing it doesn’t work. So here they are :heart: :heart:

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Haha!!! I posted the playlist of an early bf on here once. It was met mostly with…

“bit needy”

Chuckle. It was brilliant though, I loved it at the time :blush:

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I made a mix cd that I burned on my shitey laptop at uni for my then gf (now wife). I made a little accompanying booklet with wee pictures for each track and that formed the album art when I slipped it into the case.

I don’t quite remember everything that was on it but I put Bob Dylan - I Want You on there and the accompanying page in the booklet just said ‘I want you, I want you, I want you’ written out loads of times. Very, very oppressive.

  • I have put SexyBack on a mixtape for someone I fancied.
  • This sounds like a terrible idea.
  • I have not but I definitely would.

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:smiley: Incredible.

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I’ve got playlists in iTunes of (nearly) every compilation I’ve made since about 1995:

Like @xylo there are plenty that represent relationships gone wrong, but they’ve still got some good tunes on them. The majority of them are just compilations of what I’ve been buying / listening to for the previous couple of months though.

I’m currently working on a mix to do Parkrun to, which will hopefully make me run a little bit faster.

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Since 1995!!! that’s so amazing!!!

Obviously the really old ones were tapes originally. I did make playlists of them all in Winamp (back in the days before I used iTunes), but then my PC died on me and I’d got rid of all my tapes, so I had to reconstruct them from listening records

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It’s weird listening back to them now, because they’re so time specific.

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