Playstation 3 and 4 stuff for sale - cheap (I think?)

Apologies for putting this here, but i dont know if anyone looked at the classifieds (i don’t)
Would anyone be interested in these, salvaged from my loft as i’ll probably charity shop them otherwise! all including postage - i just need them out of my spare room as i cant wrangle them into the loft again! would prob be ideal for little 'uns.

original PS4 in original box, excellent working condition, all leads, 3 official controllers and official charging station. has a bigger HD fitted already 70 posted

original PS3 (the fat backwards compatible one) with all leads and an official controller in original box. again has bigger HD fitted. 50 posted - fired it up and works perfectly.

rock band set of drums, 3 guitars and mic for ps3 (also works on ps4. drums hardly used. and are in original band in a box pack. 60 posted (its going to cost a lot to send) can prob chuck in a couple of RB games if i go in the loft again.

hope this is ok to post, cheers!